Workplace Computing

Long gone are the days of limited options in business productivity computing. In the past, if you were operating a business, you were locked in to the incredibly high licensing costs of the one of the major desktop computing platforms, including proprietary Operating System, Productivity Suites, Email and Messaging, or were faced with the challenge of finding creative ways to get other solutions to work with these products as you collaborated with your customers and vendors that were using them.
Fortunately, there are more options today than ever for your office computing environment, with greatly improved support for interoperability across platforms, and pricing models to meet everyone's needs. These options range from traditional licensing, with local copies of email servers, office applications, and local desktops, to cloud based, subscription based solutions, that remove the upkeep and purchase of local servers and storage, and migrate to a predictable monthly cost based on the number of users within the environment, which can scale up or down with you as your business does.
Allow Fogline Systems to work with your company to determine which solutoin suite best fits your business needs, and leverage our experience to make the implementaiton as seamless and pain free as possible.

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