Voice over IP (VoIP) has been recommended for years as an alternative to expensive traditional phone equipment and lines, offering lower cost, higher flexibility, and improved resiliency. However, today's VoIP technologies go well beyond these basic tenants, now providing greatly improved features, including:

* presence indication for unified communications
* call once, try many, hunting lists
* deep application integraion, with bolt-on solutions to minimize or remove custmized application development
* device agnostic use (use with handsets, computers, tables, etc)

Fogline Systems typically recommends a hosted VoIP service that offers all the features of a modern PBX, and the advanced benefits of a hosted solution that does not incur the expense and complexity of an in-house system. With a hosted solution, there is no need to perform special maintenance or system upgrades.  All the latest enhancements and new features are updated entirely on the remote hosted service.

Give your employees access to a full complement of easy-to-use features that will enhance communication, increase customer satisfaction, and dramatically cut your usage and support fees.

3-way Calling               Call Transfer               Hold Music

Do Not Disturb            Caller ID                      Speed Dial

Call Mute                     Paging                          Distinctive Rings

Call Queue                  Call Reports                 Voice Mail-to-Email

All of these features, and many more, and all accessable and configurable via a browswer based web interface.

Whether your goal is lower costs, improved feature sets, or an easier to maintain voice environment, allow Fogline Systems to design your next generation telephony platform today.

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