Starter Kits

Fogline Systems has created a series of Starter Kits focused on the needs of small business or startups who need fully functional solutions but may lack the resources or expertise to implement them.  All Starter Kits are comprised of a bundle of services and support that can be quickly and efficiently implemented, and contain all the elements of larger more robust implementations.  This way, there is no re-implementation phase as the business grows and the needs increase - rather, the foundation put in place with the Starter Kit is simply extended as more features are needed.
We recognize the needs of small business: we are one!  Many of the technologies we offer in our Starter Kits are those that we use ourselves.  Proven technologies, bundled into very high value-very low cost solutions, designed to grow with you, and implemented by the experts at Fogline us today to take advantage of these Starter Kit solutions for your business!

Starter Kits from Fogline Systems are all

  • Fully Functional
  • Professionally Developed
  • Rapidly Implemented
  • Cost Effective

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