Businesses are faced with greater adversity than ever before through continuously more dangerous cyber attacks with real financial consequences, in terms of both direct penalties levied by government and private entities, combined with the stigma of having been compromised in the eyes of the increasingly tech savvy consumer community. Business leaders have a corporate, and in many cases, legal duty to protect corporate data as recent compliance regulations have far reaching implications for corporate governance as related to security of corporate information

Whether your company:

  •  is seeking assistance in passing compliance audits such as PCI, SAS 70 type II, HIPPA, Sarbanes Oxley
  •  needs to meet state mandated, state specific personally identifiable information (PII) laws
  •  is looking to audit the current environment for weaknesses
  •  is working to design secure systems or applications to meet emerging business needs

We offer a series of security related services that focus in on particular objectives at very affordable prices.  From Risk Assessments, Internal Audits of Systems, Vulnerability Assessments and even assistance with development, testing and updating Security Policies, we offer practical, insightful and cost effective services that protect the long term viability of your businss.
Fogline Systems has the expertise and experience to guide you, and keep your company one step ahead of cyberthreats, allowing the headlines to stay focused on your business rather than data breaches. When you partner with Fogline Systems, our enhanced security services will help you:

  • Better manage security related costs
  • Reduce potential liability
  • Avoid business disruption
  • Protect your corporate brand
  • Improve the confidence of your internal and external customers

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