Remote Administration & Support

Many customers with limited internal technology support find it difficult to administer and maintain their environments, especially as systems age, employees come and go, hardware and software upgrades are necessary to enable desired functionality, or security and virus protection need attention.  Optimizing the administration of your environment can make a huge difference in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.  A properly maintained environment saves time and money, enables your employees to focus on the customer,  protects you from cyber threats, and ensures critical systems and data are properly backed-up and protected.

Maximize your investment in technology by providing a stable and reliable business computing platform.

At Fogline, we offer a highly effective remote administration and support capability that ensures a secure and stable environment, and timely response to any support issue, all at a fixed, no surprises price that remains the same regardless of how many support calls or administration requests you make.

Our approach to provide you with timely and expert administation and support is based on 2 phases:

Phase I: Create the Baseline
We will conduct and inventory of all computers, servers, printers, and network gear you want to include.  Each device will be scanned and the details entered in our database.  This database contains an extensive listing of all software, firmware, drivers, hardware, etc. as well as the upgrade history of each component.  Once the inventory is taken, we will work with you to acquire and install any upgrades that are required to get all equipment up to manufacturer supported levels.  We will also create or modify any scripts or jobs that need to run regularly (e.g. backups, OS upgrades, Anti-virus updates, etc.) and monitor them for success regulary to ensure your environment remains secure and at a consistent level. This phase creates a solid, well-defined baseline that becomes the basis for all future support and administration.  We then install our remote client which will enable our associates to remotely diagnose and correct most issues that your users may encounter.

Phase II: Full Time Administration & Support
Once the baseline has been created, we then enroll you in our support system which will allow you or your employees unlimited support requests each month for any device covered by this plan.  Requests may be made via email or phone and any support request can then be quickly and efficiently resolved via a phone call or remote session by one of our associates.

Flexibility and Expert Capability Result in a Cost-effective, Reliable and Stable Environment

  • Include only the machines you want to cover under this plan
  • Costs are per machine for both initial inventory baseline and monthly support
  • Add or remove machines based on your  needs
  • Never waste time on a support call - our database provides our associates with a detailed snapshot of your system
  • Support is during business hours - emergency and onsite support is available separately


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