Analysis & Design

Many companies today are finding themselves in a position where spending has been cut for several years during a tough economy, and as a result, the health of existing applications and infrastructure has begun to falter. At the same time, the business continues to rely on the applications and supporting infrastructure for their day-to-day work, and is constantly asking for ways of doing more with less to gain a competitive edge. This often leaves technology resources and business stakeholders in a position where they have to improve the health of the existing applications and services while capitalizing on newer technologies where appropriate to gain the edge.
In order to effectively nagivate these challenging circumstances, Fogline Systems will perform an analysis that determines which applications and infrastructure components should be restored to health, and which ones should be replaced with newer technologies. Once this analysis is completed, a design is crafted to address each component of the restorative process, ensuring that at the completion of the project the business can leverage its technological capabilities as a competitive advantage, while the rest of the competition attempts to catch up.

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